Our Sponsors


Pet Food Sponsors

Merrick Pet Care - Food Trucks (20,000-44,000 lbs)

Rescue Bank - Food Trucks (15,000-30,000 lbs)

Three Square Food Bank - Food Trucks (20,000-30,000 lbs)

Heaven Can Wait

Karen Smith (Special Diets)

The Little Ones Fund

Rachel Clark (Founder - For Neonatal Kittens)

Monthly Program Sponsors

Trader Joe's (Centennial and Ann) Handle Grocery Bags

Spay/Neuter Sponsors

Best Friends Animal Society - Grant

Humane Network/Maddies Fund - Grant

Wellness Clinic Sponsors

Humane Network/Maddies Fund - Grant

Business Sponsors

BarxParx - Henderson

Mandalay Bay Recycling Department